Bullet Capital was founded in 2016 and incorporated in Switzerland with the aim of creating a dedicated finance firm with specialist expertise in fintech investment and the structuring of financial transactions in the global market.


Our strategy is to build value for Bullet Capital and investors by applying our considerable experience to the development and growth of new businesses in the fintech sector. We understand the international market and the processes, both technical and financial, very well, and we pool our own financial resources along with funding from an extensive network of long-term investors and entrepreneurial partners.


Bullet Capital typically holds between 5% to 15% of equity in the companies we invest in, and we guide the right candidates to success – acting as the lead partner in pooled investment and assuming overall responsibility for the investment strategy, legal framework and investor reports while working closely with the management of the businesses we invest in. In this we add our strategic and market knowledge to their technical expertise.


The financial sector can have a rather boring, dowdy reputation, but in the 21st century that need not be so. At Bullet Capital are not a bunch of boring bankers – but a collective of highly qualified professionals who know our stuff, and add a touch of rock & roll to what we do. As a result our manifesto is different to that of most investment firms, as we apply a lean, practical analytical approach built on experience, not just textbook theories.


Our strength is the ability to accurately identify and structure commercial opportunities, eliminating showstoppers in business plans, and launching companies on the path to success by creating linkages within our expansive global network of business professionals.



The core team of Bullet Capital is made up of its company principles, Mathias Jonsson van Huuksloot and Suzanne van Huuksloot. They head up a network of handpicked specialists in a variety of associated fields that manage the launch and expansion of new tech-based companies with strong growth potential.


Mathias Jonsson van Huuksloot has over 15 years’ experience in the financial sector with a specialisation in digital payment systems. Suzanne van Huuksloot is a sales and marketing professional with over 20 years of surpassing challenging growth targets in a variety of fields, including real estate.



We are Bullet Capital, there are no boundaries for us and our clients.

We help you build your dreams.

Bahnhofstrasse 28

6300 Zug, Switzerland